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EF Lens

EF lens is the standard lens mount on the Canon EOS Cameras of Digital Interchangeable Lens Cameras. EF lens is handled by a dedicated electric motor built into lens.

To ensure that our customers receive only the finest quality products, Canon Opto (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd, follows a stringent optical engineering precision processing at automation, design and identifying appropriate technologies. To upgrade customer satisfaction, we apply creativity and specialized know-how meet the various need of users.

Canon uses USM (Ultrasonic Motors) technology. EF lenses equipped with USM drives have fast, silent and precise autofocus operations, and consume less power compared to other AF drive motors.

The image stabilization (IS) technology detects handheld motion and optically corrects it. It only corrects handheld motion; if the subject of the photograph is moving, IS will not stop it.

The company has been producing EF Lenses since year 2000.
In 2011, Canon Opto Malaysia celebrate the cumulative production of its 10 million EF Lenses. In 2015, the company reached the 20 million of production.

Canon introduced its first mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera called EOS M along with it EF-M lens in year 2012. EF-M lens mount is one of Canon's two new systems for mirrorless cameras, the other being the RF mount.

COM started its first EF-M lens production in 2016. EF-M Lens features dramatically size-reduced interchangeable-lens to suit with the smaller body size of the EOS M series mirrorless cameras.

The small but capable EF-M lens are excellent choice for beginner & enthusiast photographers to refine their skills in the world of photography.

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