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Lens Manufacturing

Production of lenses commenced in 1989 followed by penta prisms in 1990.

Canon Opto (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. achieved production of 4 million pieces of lenses per month in 1999.

In the area of lens production, the optical glass is first pressed into blanks before a diamond grinding stone is used to spherically grind to the glass. Both sides of the glass are then gently polished. The optical axis is then centered by grinding the lens at the edge. The next step sees the coating of the glass with a thin metallic film to enhance light transmission and color reproduction.

Penta prism is used in SLR (Single Lens Reflex) Camera, in order to capture an accurate and precise reflection on the sensor or film. The production of Penta Prism is similar to the lens making process i.e. rough grinding, smoothing, polishing, coating and cementing.

After the commence of penta prisms in 1990 Canon Opto (Malaysia) continue to add another genre of glass production called Porro-Prism in 2018.

Continuing the prism function usage of image reflection ability in a binocular products, it undergo similar process to the lens & penta making with the exception of high-precision & strict quality control during raw material slicing process.

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