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Environment Activity
Main Policy

To reduce adverse impacts of the company operation towards protection of environment by necessary means and actions for a better and harmonious environment.
Detail of Policy
  1. To comply with all legislation from the Malaysian government and requirement of production environment assurance standard for operational site and product chemical substances assurance.
  2. To commit to continual environmental improvement through reducing pollutant to the air, water and land and to prevent potential impacts to environment.
  3. To reduce generation of scheduled waste through recycling and/or waste minimization programs.
  4. To promote energy savings activities.
  5. To provide appropriate knowledge & to promote environmental awareness to all employees.
  6. To establish and review the environmental performance.
  7. To make available to the public information pertaining to the environment.

In support of the Canon Group Policy, Canon Opto (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. is committed towards environmental protection activities. In order to fulfill the requirement, COM is committed to comply with all legislation in every aspect including COM operation and product.

Compliance with Environment Regulations

COM has to comply the rules, regulations and standards imposed by the Malaysian government, Canon Inc. and COM itself in its daily operation. To ensure these compliances, COM carried out regular environment monitoring such as discharged water, underground water, air and noise.

 Scheduled waste and chemical handling also been properly managed in COM as required by rules, regulations and standards.

COM also committed towards the product requirement including Product Chemical Substance Assurance (RoHS) which include Green Procurement activities.

Biodiversity of Birds in Canon Opto Malaysia Sdn. Bhd

Birds are one of the most visible species groups that involved in biodiversity in urban places. They keep the climate stable, oxygenate air and transform pollutants into nutrients. As birds are high up in the food chain, they are also good indicators of the general state of our biodiversity. They are sensitive to changes in the environment, and are one of the key indicators of the health of the ecosystem. In conjunction with conservation of our biodiversity, we shared pictures of wild birds, sighted in Canon Opto Malaysia Sdn. Bhd as a symbols of good environment .

Environment Activity
Environment Activity

Local name:Yellow-Vented Bulbul ('Merbah Kapur')
Photo date:20.08.2021.
Location:In-front Camera Lobby.
Camera Series:CANON EOS 1200.


Scientific name:Pycnonotus goiavier.
Bird Criteria:It is one of the most common birds in cultivated areas. They appear to be nomadic and roam from place to place regularly..

Environment Activity
Environment Activity

Local name:Spotted Dove ('Tekukur')
Photo date:23.08.2021,4.31pm.
Location:Fence Behind COM.
Camera Series:CANON IXUS 180.


Scientific name:Spilopelia chinensis.
Bird Criteria:They fly from the ground with an explosive flutter and will sometimes glide down to a perch.

Environment Activity
Environment Activity

Local name:Common Myna ('Gembala kerbau')
Photo date:24.08.2021.
Location:Ouside Bin Center.
Camera Series:CANON EOS 1200 D.


Scientific name:Acridotheres tristis.
Bird Criteria:The common myna is a significant pest to the food industry because of the risk of contamination from their droppings and the damage done to packaged goods.

Environment Activity
Environment Activity

Local name:Zebra Dove ('Merbuk')
Photo date:25.08.2021.
Location:In-front Lens Building Lobby.
Camera Series:CANON IXUS 285 HS.


Scientific name:Geopelia striata.
Bird Criteria:The species is known for its pleasant, soft, staccato cooing calls.

Environment Activity
Environment Activity

Local name:Black-Collared Starling ('Perling Leher Hitam')
Scientific name:Gracupica nigricollis.
Photo date:20.08.2021.
Location:In-front Camera Lobby.
Camera Series:CANON EOS 1200 D.
Bird Criteria:A very vocal bird, its calls include shrill, harsh, melodious and discordant notes.


Local name:House Sparrow ('Cak Rumah').
Scientific name:Passer domesticus.
Photo date:24.08.2021.
Location:Outside Lens Building.
Camera Series:CANON EOS 1200 D.
Bird Criteria:Cannot found in extensive forests, or grasslands, extreme environments such as deserts or the far north, House Sparrows survive only in the immediate vicinity of people..

Environment Improvement Activities

a) CO2 reduction from electricity and diesel usage
In line with COM environment policy, activities have been carried out to reduce CO2 emission and reduction of diesel consumption. CO2 emission is determined by calculation based on monthly electricity consumption. Energy saving equipment and fluorescent tubes which consume less energy has been implemented in COM. Heat insulation membrane has been installed on the roof top in order to reduce heat transmission into building which subsequently will reduce the electricity consumption. CO2 emission will be closely monitored and step been regularly taken to reduce the electricity consumption such as replacing the old machinery with new machinery equipped with inverters.


b) Waste Reduction Activity
One of the environmental targets at COM is to reduce general waste generation. Carbonizer and sludge dryer machines were used to reduce the weight and volume of general waste generation. The carbonizer machine use heating element to transform the general waste into carbonized form. This process does not emit any hazardous gaseous. Sludge dryer machines also applied the same methodology of heating process to reduce the weight and volume of wastewater sludge generated from wastewater treatment plant. Recycling plastic tray also been implemented to reduce the waste generation.

Environment Activity
Environment Activity

Carbonizer machine
Carbonizer machine use to treat general waste.


Sludge dryer machine
Sludge dryer machine use to treat sludge waste from wastewater treatment plant.


c) Chemical Emission Reduction
The other environment activity is to reduce chemical emission. This activity includes studying and replacing new chemical that have less negative impact to the environment. Emission also been reduced by using recycling machine and prolong the chemical usage.


d) Water Reduction Activity
In order to preserve the natural resources, “Water Recovery Plant” was installed to treat waste water from production and use by cooling tower in air conditioning system. Campaign and exhibition on water usage also been done to reduce water consumption.

CSR Activity
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